why do you care about WordPress security?

because words like hackers, malware + virus scare you?
because you feel obligated to?
because you’re tired of the warning emails + alerts from your hosting company?

while those are all reasons to learn how to make your site safe, you need to know why website security is a critical subject for all bloggers + business owners before getting the step-by-step instructions to set up your online security system.

it’s not about you

i hope you don’t take this personally, but i have to be honest. when you postpone securing your site, you’re putting all of your visitors, readers, subscribers + clients in harm’s way.

one thing that hackers enjoy doing is installing viruses on as many computers as possible. once they gain access to a site, they can quickly forward the traffic to a URL that installs a virus as soon as the page loads. usually they don’t even change the hacked site’s appearance, which means that your site might look absolutely gorgeous but is still guilty of infecting your fans behind your back. imagine the damage that would do to their trust in you + your business?

you would also lose the trust of Google + other search engines who would blacklist your site for spreading malware + viruses. websites don’t even show up when searched for by name once they’ve been blacklisted. all of the work you put into SEO could disappear in an instant. yikes!

“so much of my blood, sweat and tears go into my website. it is what generates traffic, clients leads and gets useful information to those who need it.

the idea that a cyber attack could wipe away hours of my work and leave me with a blank slate was something that kept me up at night.”

– angela privin

how does “starting from scratch” sound?

not all hacking involves viruses, but that doesn’t make it any better for your site or business.

some hackers love causing damage to websites — not computers. what could be worse than major search engines blacklisting your domain? losing every single post, page, image, setting + theme tweak that you put into your WordPress Dashboard. which would leave you with no option other than starting from scratch. and crying. and eating your feelings.

while you would be stressing about trying to re-add content to your shell of a website, no one could read your posts, sign up for your mailing list or purchase your products. that’s right, not only would you be losing money by spending your valuable time cleaning up the mess that the hackers created, but you would also be losing even more money by not being able to make any sales or gain new followers.

risky business

let’s pretend your website was a retail store. one with big glass windows + a welcoming atmosphere. when you first rented the space, you put a lot of work into cleaning + decorating to get it looking the way you envisioned for so long. then you carefully placed all of the products on the shelves. it took a lot to get your store looking this way, but you know it was worth the effort. at the end of the day, you make sure everything is in its place, count the money, turn off the lights, close the door + lock it behind you. you might even set an alarm or check that the security cameras are recording before you leave for the night.

seems like pretty standard stuff, right? the problem is that most business owners aren’t doing the same thing to protect their website. an unsecured WordPress site is like an unlocked door — you’re saving a tiny bit of time, but putting your entire business at risk. your website deserves the same love + attention you give your home/car/retail store — a strong lock, alarm system + video cameras.

as an online entrepreneur, your site is your storefront, shop, office + headquarters rolled into one pretty package. but are your store security systems enough to safeguard your business + customers from:

  • anonymous attacks;
  • heartless hackers;
  • server shitstorms; and
  • other crappy circumstances?

this guide will help you set up those security systems! taking website security seriously will keep you from being one of the 170,000 WordPress sites that was hacked in 2012. since that number more than doubled from 2008, you know it’s going to continue to increase every year unless we start treating our websites like we would treat a physical business asset.

“your book is rad! all my clients need to read this!

– paul jarvis

can you put a price tag on your current website?

if you had to start from scratch tomorrow, how many hours would it take you to get back to where your site is now? multiply that number by your current hourly rate. add in how much you think you’d have to invest to undo the damage of being blacklisted by Google. (there better be a few zeros on that number, sunshine.) finally, add in your average daily income times the number of days it’d take you to build it back up.

hours spent on site x hourly rate = ________________

+ SEO fees to fix being blacklisted = ________________

+ (daily income x days needed) = ________________

now, ask yourself again: why do you care about your site’s security?

help me secure my site

the learn to secure WordPress guide is just what you need to protect your website + customers. it will walk you through each step to securing your site without a degree in computer science.

it’s sliced into 7 chapters ripe with all the necessary knowledge any DIY entrepreneur will need to get serious about security.

included are process breakdowns, easy to fill in worksheets to help you refine + research, a plugin update cheatsheet that you can rely on until you feel ready to try it…sans training wheels.

“alison is an uber-nerd of tech knowledge. having her by my cyber-side is cash in the bank! wave goodbye to your tech terrors in the rear view mirror.”

– victoria prozan


how long will it take me to finish this guide?

that really depends on your reading speed! could you devour it in a day + have your site secure in less than 24 hours? absolutely! could you spread the chapters out over many weeks + take it one bite at a time? you bet!

however you divide + conquer, this guide is fortified with the exact amount of instructions + worksheets you’ll need to quench your security craving.

my site is painfully outdated, will i be able to use this resource?

if your site hasn’t been updated in years, i want you to drop everything, get the guide + then get to work securing your business.

while the look of the admin area has changed, the settings or steps aren’t new. that means this guide is going to help you whether you are running version 3.3 or 4.8.

will this work on my device?

the guide is provided in PDF format, so it’s adaptable to your preferred device type: mac, PC, iOS or android. and although we try to avoid killing trees, the guide is 100% printable if you prefer paper + ink.

if i’m not satisfied, can i get a refund?

countless hours went into making + updating this guide for easy nerd level-ups. as long as you follow the instructions + complete the tasks, you will be satisfied. so, no need for refunds.

i’m stuck, please help!

if your own nerd power isn’t enough to overcome your trouble, by all means, talk nerdy to us. hit up @tinyblueorange on twitter for quick fixes.

help me secure my site

“i feel safe, secure, and i know tiny blue orange has my virtual back!
who’s got your back?”

– amber mccue